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Top 10 Videos of 2011: 9. Puddin’, “Taylor Swift”

At number 9 on this year’s list is a choice installment of Puddin’, a YouTube series whose creator describes it thus: “The setup is simple. Guy sits in an office break room eating a pudding cup. Eddie Pepitone enters, or is already there. He does something. You react by laughing, wincing, asking for your 20 seconds back, or watching over and over.” Continue reading

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Top Ten Videos of 2010: 4. The Colbert Report, “Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat”

My man Stephen Colbert made it tough on me in 2010, in a good way. He had enough excellent moments to make selecting just one for my top ten feel almost completely arbitrary. I ultimately went with this one, from the December 16th episode of the Report, for the total force of its hypocrisy-bashing. Make sure you watch the whole clip, because he saves the coup de grâce for the last couple of lines. Continue reading

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Top Ten Videos of 2009: 4. “Sarah Silverman Solves World Hunger”

Are there things that cannot be joked about? It’s the question at the center of a debate that has been going on for quite awhile. In fact, I personally hope it never stops being debated. It goes to one of … Continue reading

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Sunday Seven: Late-Night Talk Show Hosts

Earlier today I came across a blogger with a weekly feature called The Sunday Seven, wherein each Sunday he posts a question for which there can be up to seven answers. He invites people to leave their answers in his comments field, or post them on their own blogs with a link back to him. I always intend to post more often here at C&B, so I say a random guy named Patrick’s Sunday Seven is as good a reason as any to do so. :)

Name your seven favorite late-night talk show hosts.

Heh heh… not exactly a matter of earth-shattering importance, is it? Of course, there are plenty of earth-shattering things going on in the news right now without me bringing down the room even more. Continue reading

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