Since You Asked, Mr. Trump…

Sometimes they just tee it right up for you, don’t they. Well, off the top of my head I’d say a full body waxing, re-taking Algebra II, babysitting an autistic badger in a studio apartment, getting audited, hiking across Libya in a snowsuit, and passing a gallstone all qualify. But don’t take it from me (or not just from me) — check out this curated sample of replies from the rest of Twitter:

Top Ten Things That Would Be Better Than Dinner With Donald Trump and Mitt Romney

  1. Herpes (@SpikeVee88)
  2. You learning how birth certificates work (@daveanthony)
  3. Shoving sporks into our eyeballs? (@Disalmanac)
  4. Root canal without pain meds? (@taradublinrocks)
  5. Three words: Nickelback disco album. (@TomHeadLovesYou)
  6. A colonoscopy. Only one asshole involved. (@FrankFunaro)
  7. Eating a bag of thumbtacks, alone. (@BillCorbett)
  8. Starvation? (@thenotoriouspdb)
  9. Just for starters, everything (@king_kaufman)
  10. Never having to see or hear either of you ever again (@InstaDerek)

What else, people? Got any good ones of your own? Serve ‘em up in the comments!

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  1. Courtney Shropshire says:

    Being infected with an African worm that goes through your foot, into your bloodstream, and out your urethra

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