How to Deal With Comic Sans

It’s extremely simple: don’t. Establish a zero-tolerance policy for the accursed Comic Sans font and its cross-platform counterpart, Comic Sans MS. This font is the typographic equivalent of IE6, by which I mean if you’re still using it, you’re part of the problem. Help us all get to where we should have been long ago: a world sans Comic Sans. Here’s a subtly annotated glimpse.

Later I uninstalled Marker Felt, too

I recommend reading the McSweeney’s article from the screenshot above. It is pretty damn funny. Whether you read it before uninstalling Comic Sans (and its almost equally obnoxious font stack successor Marker Felt1) or afterward is up to you.

If extortion is what it takes…
If you have a sentimental attachment to Comic Sans, there is help for you. I know that ending things can be difficult, even with a font you know is mistreating you. It is absolutely not your fault. Remind yourself that this font ain’t treating the rest of the world any better — so it’s not about you. And if you just have a thing for the freewheeling whimsy of comic-type fonts, there are plenty of better options out there waiting to meet you when you’re ready.

Uninstall Comic Sans on your computer, and on any others you get your hands on. Especially your office manager’s computer. I say that because in my experience, office managers are often known to post signs printed in Comic Sans. The reason for this is that such signs are most often either 1) announcements of upcoming events which they want to portray as sources of fun, or 2) admonishing you about the sorts of things your mother used to when you were a kid, like cleaning up after yourself in the break room, copy room, and/or bathroom, and attempting to dilute the nag factor by using a “cheerful” typeface. I hardly need point out that in either case, Comic Sans has the exact opposite effect than the one sought by the woefully misguided office manager.

Don’t stall — uninstall! Here’s how.


In my opinion, the simplest way is to open the File Explorer and go to


then right-click on the Comic Sans MS file and click Delete.

You can also do it like this:

  • Start menu → Settings → Control Panel → Fonts, or it might be
  • Start menu → Control Panel → Fonts

Which one of those two might depend on whether you’re using XP, Vista or Windows 7, I’m not sure. I do, however, know what you do next:

  • Click on Comic Sans MS to select it, and then click Delete on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can right-click on Comic Sans MS, and then click Delete.


Easy peasy lemon-squeezy:

  • Open the Font Book application, and in the left-hand column, select All Fonts (it should be at the top)
  • Find Comic Sans (and Marker Felt, and any others that need killin’) in the font column and click to select it — don’t click the toggle arrow to the left of it, just select it as-is
  • Click on the File menu and select “Remove ‘Comic Sans’ Family”


Hell, if you’re on Linux but you don’t know how to uninstall a font in the build you’re running, I don’t know what to tell you. Google it! If you’re reading this you must know how to use a browser in Linux, so there you go.

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  1. Aptly described by blogging guru Merlin Mann as nothing more than “Comic Sans with a shave and a breath mint.”

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