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Does anyone ever look at the “Favorite” tweets on other people’s Twitter profiles? Until that question occurred to me the other day, I don’t know if I ever had done so. Admittedly, the “Favorites” feature on Twitter is one I tend to forget about periodically. If my hunch is correct and people seldom look at each other’s favorite tweets, then what good is this collection of favorites that I’ve been compiling in fits and starts?

twitter-stampSo hear this: I have some favorite tweets — and damn it, attention must be paid. I am boldly risking my reputation by giving the following tweets the imprimatur of my favor. 1 Lastly, I should mention that the embedding code for these tweets was generated by; I tweaked the CSS format a little to blend with the design of this blog. New updates of WordPress have enabled me to embed tweets far more easily than before, for which I am most thankful.

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  1. You’ll notice that I haven’t marked any of my own tweets as favorites; to do so seemed to me like cheating. However, now that I’ve perused some other people’s favorite tweets on their Twitter profiles, it looks like I may be alone with that particular scruple.

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