Update: “Kashmir” On Video

It’s hard to find everything worth noting on a given topic the first time out — such is the nature of the internet. I am no stranger to the sudden moment of “how did I not find this before?”

My first Got You Covered post, focusing on the rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” by Matt Haimovitz and Uccello, has just been updated to include a YouTube video of them performing the song. Here I was all proud of having edited and compressed a 30-second MP3 excerpt of the track, and all the time we could have been watching and hearing the whole thing… duh. Well, better late than never.

As long as I’m calling attention to that post, I might as well mention that a week or two ago I re-wrote part of its text that I found unsatisfactory. I do that sometimes, but unless it’s a substantive change or an addition to the original post, I don’t point it out with an update like this.

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