Bursting from the Blogroll: Darren Hutchinson Hits the Reset Button

Keen observers of detail may have noticed that my blogroll has grown, and indeed expanded into four categories. I’ll go into detail about this in a forthcoming post (or perhaps even a dedicated page) soon. Right now I’d like to draw your attention to a particularly astute post by a potential new blogroll-ee.

Darren HutchinsonOver at Dissenting Justice, Darren Hutchinson makes a clear-eyed case that the current charges racism in the political health care clusterfuck are acting as a smoke screen:

I am a law professor who teaches Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Race and the Law and other areas related to equality. I have spent nearly two decades researching and writing about race relations and public policy. With respect to the rightwing attacks on President Obama, however, I find the issue of race largely uninteresting.

…The issue of race has become the latest nonpolicy distraction for the media. Earlier, the media covered violence and mayhem at healthcare town hall discussions — rather than the substance of reform. It then covered the conflicts between moderate and liberal Democrats (rather than the substance of reform). Now, it is exploring whether the opposition to Obama is racist (rather than the substance of reform).

Here’s a thought: Analyze the substance of reform — rather than the subjective emotions that shape its opposition.

If only, huh? The problem with the MSM is that they are constantly seeking new angles to use in their coverage of the health care debate. This plays into the agenda of the anti-reform troglodytes, who have long since resorted to wild, unhinged bullshittery in order to divert focus from actual policy questions. Now it seems that Jimmy Carter, Maureen Dowd and others who have pointed out the implicit racism in the rabid condemnation of all things Obama may have played into the opposition’s diversionary hands.

The anti-Obama political coalition’s opposition to health care reform is indefensible in terms of good governance, hence their unleashing outrageous cries of Marxism, totalitarianism, socialism, Nazism, death panels, child brainwashing, and ostensibly, cooties. Never mind that their position denies cootie spray to all who can’t afford the non-formulary co-payment rate.

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  1. Courtney says:

    Let’s hope that the few heavy media sources, such as yesterdays’ OP-Ed in the times, gathers wind. More see the plan here.

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